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Thank you for choosing Point au Roche Lakeside Rentals!

• You must be at least 25 years of age to sign our vacation rental contract for Point au Roche Lakeside Rentals. Each property has a maximum occupancy. Generally two per room (sometimes plus 1 or 2 with a sleeper sofa). Undisclosed guests will result in loss of rental fees paid, complete forfeiture of security deposit, and all guests being evicted.
• Tenants shall not disturb, annoy, endanger or inconvenience the neighbors. Any of these will be cause for eviction without refund of  fees paid and may forfeit some or all of deposit.
• This property cannot be used for functions such as weddings, receptions, family reunions or other gatherings involving more than the maximum number of occupants specified in this agreement except with prior approval.
• Owner reserves the right to access the property for purposes of repair and inspection. Owner shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner.

Pet Policy - Dogs
We love our pets as much as you love yours and will consider welcoming these members of your family to stay in Point au Roche Lakeside Rentals. You must inform us if you wish to bring your dog. If you bring a pet without prior approval, entire deposit is forfeited and you may be subject to additional fees and or could result in your rental contract being terminated, so be sure to tell us if you plan to bring your dog.
• We will request up to date vaccination papers from your vet about your dog.
• Pets must be completely housebroken, well behaved and pest free
• Dogs shall always be under the control of their handler at all times either by leash or verbal command.
• Tenant must remove all waste from grounds and dispose in a plastic bag inside the outside garbage can.
• No dogs are to be left unattended in the house or grounds for extended periods unless crated.
• Incessant barking cannot be tolerated; tenants with barking dogs may be asked to kennel them elsewhere or may result in eviction.
• Pets are not permitted on furniture or bedding.
• Renter agrees to be financially responsible for any damages caused by pets.

House Condition/Housekeeping
• Point au Roche Lakeside Rentals are rented with the understanding that you will leave the property in reasonably the same condition as you found it when you checked in. If the tenant is not satisfied with the cleanliness of the home, they must notify the owner within 24 hours of arrival.
• Tenant is responsible for having trash/recycle ready for trash service pick up by 6AM on the scheduled collection day.
• We do not provide housekeeping service for the duration of your stay.

What is provided?
• Linens and towels (we do not permit towels or linens to be used outside)
• All kitchen appliances including coffee maker, blender and toaster
• Glasses, plates, silverware and utensils
• Pots and Pans
• Gas grill
• Blow Dryer
• Smart TV

What do I need to bring?
• Paper products (toilet paper/paper towels/paper plates)
• Shampoo/conditioner
• Bathing soap
• Beach towels (towels provided by owner are not to be used outside)

Cancellation Policy
• All cancellations for Point au Roche Lakeside Rentals are subjected to a $75 cancellation fee regardless of time frame.
• To qualify for a refund, cancellations must made 30 days before arrival
• Any cancellations that do not meet this criterion will result in a forfeiture of all monies paid. If we are able to re-rent the property for the ENTIRE duration of nights you have cancelled, you will receive a refund minus the standard $75 cancellation fee. If re-rented for a lesser amount of time, the difference between this rental agreement and the lesser rental amount shall not be refunded.

Security Deposit Refund
• Security Deposit of $500.00 payable by check only (less any deductions for damage or excessive cleaning) will be returned via mail 7-21 days after departure. Tenant is to maintain said property during occupancy and is responsible for the repair and or replacement for any breakage, damages, or loss caused by tenant or any guest of tenant.
• Damages that may be claimed by the owner from the tenant are not limited to the amount of the security deposit and shall include any and all costs incurred by the owner to recover such damages including attorney fees.

Arrival Procedures
• Unless specifically stated otherwise on your rental agreement, all money must be paid in full 30 days prior to check-in. If your reservation has an outstanding balance and/or we have not received your signed contract, you will not be able to check in.
• Security Deposit must be paid via cash, cashiers check, personal check or money order 30 days prior to check in.
• Check in time is between the hours of 4PM – 6PM.


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